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Do you hate doing the extra legwork of finding a good driving school for your company? We don’t. If you’re tired of trying to filter your way through endless online results of qualified driving schools, you don’t have to. Not anymore.

DP Connections Consulting (DPCC) is an agent that works hard to provide your company with a one-service stop for corporate training solutions. Donna Peters, DPCC’s founder, is your bridge of communication and connection between your company and driving schools throughout BC Canada.

About DP Connections Consulting

The goal of DPCC is to minimize work for corporations in need of highly qualified drivers, as well as provide accurate knowledge in areas of the driving industry that the corporation may not be familiar with.

DPCC places employees in need of  Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) into approved, qualified driving schools. Donna ensures schools meet high standards while also completing the MELT program in a timely manner.

As your agent, DPCC works hard to help your company get qualified Class One drivers on the road within your company budget. You also have the option to be provided with full schedules working with your company’s organizational needs.

Overall, corporations don’t need to do the extra legwork when it comes to finding qualified driving schools—DPCC does that for you. Knowing ICBC rules and regulations and being proficient at them means that your corporation can trust your required corporate training needs are being met. You don’t need to be the expert in any of that—DPCC is the expert and agent for you!

DPCC is actively involved in the driver training industry and keeps up to date on new and existing policy changes set forth by the province of British Columbia. DPCC constantly maintains a good relationship with driving schools and ICBC, which works to your corporation’s advantage.

DPCC is also qualified to assist in training your existing employees to be trainers within your organization. There’s no more work on your end when it comes to finding the best rate and training available. DPCC bargains on your behalf.

About QC Driving

Working in tandem with DCPP is QC Driving. QC’s goal is to have the best people hired for the job, while also ensuring that existing employees maintain high standard driving skills. 

QC Driving was designed to help employers hire and maintain high quality drivers, which minimizes workplace driving incidents. QC also provides unbiased third party assessments for all parties involved with the driver hiring process, including employees and employers, and unions.

Want your employees to be specially trained for your company’s specific vehicles? QC Driving uniquely offers training in your company vehicle by sending qualified QC instructors to you. This allows you to know you’re receiving high-quality service that’s aligned fully with your company values.

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