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DP Connections Consulting and QC Driving

Are you in a rush to hire a qualified driving school, or you’re dreading the extra legwork that’s involved? Great news: you don’t have to when you hire Donna Peters, leader and service agent of DP Connections Consulting and QC Driving School.

DP Connections

DP Connections Consulting – Corporate Training Solutions

Need to find a qualified driving school for your company and don’t have the time or energy? Then don’t bother looking–the solution is right here in front of you.

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Driving Services

QC Driving’s Services

QC Driving is your one-stop shop for retraining your current drivers and ensuring your company has the best people on the job for your customer services. Perfect for corporations of all sizes needing to ensure their drivers retain their skill sets and required CDLs. No need to be the expert on driving school requirements or provincial regulations—DPCC and QC is the expert and agent!

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