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You know you want the best people hired for their driving jobs at your company, but you don’t have the time to train them or find a driving school with qualified drivers. So, don’t worry about it. QC Driving can assist. At QC Driving, ‘QC’ stands for Quality Control, and it’s not just a name; it’s a commitment to excellence. We believe in ensuring the highest standards in driver training and safety.

Whether your company is large or small, QC can assist. QC can help your company hired and maintain the best skilled drivers for the job.

Working in tandem with DPCC, QC Driving School is designed to assist you and employers like you in maintaining highly skilled drivers. QC also provides unbiased third-party assessments and evaluations for all parties involved with the driver hiring process.

Once you hire QC Driving, your company will be provided with retraining and evaluation opportunities for existing drivers and/or employees with a valid class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 commercial driver’s license (CDL).
QC Driving provides companies with 3rd party evaluations for new and prospective employees. Drivers are a liability for companies and QC Driving can help minimize risk through retraining and MELT evaluations, both of which can be added to employee records.
These evaluations can also be valuable in situations involving unions. Some unions may require a 3rd party evaluation, especially when in-house training is part of the organization’s practices. Unions often prioritize the safety and competence of their members, and third-party evaluations can be seen as an objective way to ensure that employees meet the highest standards. By partnering with QC Driving, your company can demonstrate a commitment to both the well-being of its employees and a cooperative relationship with unions. This approach not only enhances workplace safety but also fosters trust and collaboration between management and the labor force.
QC Driving can provide corporations with qualified instructors to help implement and train staff for best practices, including in house train-the-trainer programs. QC Driving can tailor programs to meet your company’s specific needs or implement existing company train-the-trainer programs.
QC Driving can provide logistic companies with affordable solutions for restriction removal with regard to class 1 and 3 licenses. QC Driving can also provide new driver class 3 training. Our trainers come to you.
QC’s goal is to ensure that the best people are hired for the job while also guaranteeing that existing employees maintain high-standard driving skills. Over time, skills may diminish, and QC wants to prevent that. QC is dedicated to helping companies maintain comprehensive records on employees to demonstrate due diligence in minimizing risk and thus liability.
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