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Need to find a qualified driving school for your company and don’t have the time or energy? Don’t bother looking. The solution is right here in front of you.

DP Connections Consulting (DPCC) is a driving school expert and agent who works on your behalf to ensure your employees are connected and trained by only the best schools in the industry.  DPCC is your one-stop shop for centralized, high-quality, and cost-effective corporate commercial driver training solutions.

As your agent and expert, DPCC works hard to help your company get qualified Class One drivers on the road within your company budget and schedule. DPCC offers full detailed schedules working with your company’s organizational needs.

DPCC can provide all these corporate driver training services to companies seeking driving schools, and even more:

Place employees in need of Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) into approved, qualified commercial driving schools which exceed industry standards.
Ensure schools complete the MELT program in a timely manner which meet operational needs and expectations.
Be your expert and valued source of knowledge in regard to ICBC rules and regulations.
Provide detailed scheduling and progress updates upon requested. Online Scheduling tool provided for team leads and managers to ensure real time changes are available.
Ability to work with companies operating within a Union Agreement.
Most importantly DPCC works directly with you, the client, to ensure all your corporate driver needs and outcomes are exceeded.
DPCC Consultant
Upon hiring DP Connections Consulting, we’ll spare you the hours of endless shopping for driving schools by connecting and working with some of the most reputable schools in the driver training industry. Additionally, having spent over a decade working within this industry, DPCC has the knowledge and resources regarding rules and regulations that corporations might not know when enrolling their employees into commercial driver training programs.
DPCC follows employees from placement to completion in whatever program their employer is seeking. Full, detailed schedules are provided with calendar links to all parties, so employers can follow their employee’s appointments and progress.
All that’s needed on your company’s part is to communicate and work with DPCC. You can have peace of mind and be assured your employee and business needs are of the utmost importance.
There’s another major benefit to hiring DPCC. The more corporations that give DPCC agency, the more bargaining power DPCC has to negotiate the best rates possible. And the best part of this service? It’s FREE to corporations.
With over 10 years of active experience in the commercial driver training industry and proficiency in provincial regulations and policy, you’re guaranteed to be provided with the best customer service and results. Contact DPCC today, and let the hard legwork be done for you.
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